HSY – Bask

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 13:57
By James Olson

hsyBuzz Records

If Bask is anything, it is ugly. It is a grimy, grungy, sewer-dwelling creature of an album. And for Toronto sludge punk outfit HSY, a grotesque LP perfectly matches with their aesthetic. Throughout the quartet’s first full album, various alternative rock styles are skewered and mutated into quasi-metallic Frankenstein monsters of songs. The new wave riffing on “Acid Peel” sounds like it has been dragged by its ankles through a particularly muddy ditch while the rolling surf rock rhythms of “Scratch” sound more at home at the local landfill than the beach.

Vocalists Anna Mayberry and Jude bring their own abrasive character to the tracks throughout, coming together like a two headed dragon on lead single “Sally.”

HSY have crafted an excellent record for those into the nastier and slimier side of alternative rock. With acts like METZ and Girl Band gaining attention and critical acclaim, HSY strut their stuff for the discerning noise connoisseur.