Language Arts – Able Island

Monday 26th, October 2015 / 16:22
By Sara Mohan

languageartsMaple Music

It’s only been a year after Toronto’s Language Arts put out their last release Wonderkind. Perhaps it’s the hurried pace, but this release is a decline compared to the previous. Able Island has a very relaxed, dream-pop-esque sound, which is appropriate mostly just for background music. Kristen Cudmore has such a unique and unconventional vocal style that’s saccharine spoken word meets Britpop, and here it seems lower in the mix. There isn’t really any song that stands out, although “Idea” does have a pretty sweet saxophone solo. Buried in the background, you can faintly hear some really strong drum fills as well.

Evidently, this album was recorded in various bedrooms, alleyways, and hotels throughout Canada. However, it feels as though the master put a nice filter over all that variety, resulting in monotony. This is kind of like fancy elevator music with a delay effect.

Overall, Able Island is a perfectly listenable album. It’s something nice to fall asleep to. Maybe that’s why they call it “dream-pop.”