‘The Shambhala Experience’ short film director launches Kickstarter for full-length EDM documentary

Tuesday 27th, October 2015 / 17:00
By Jordan Simpson
Photo: Courtesy of Reverse Media

Photo: Courtesy of Reverse Media

CALGARY — Electronic dance music is known for many things – the marathon raves, the crazy ass costumes, the drugs, PLUR, and the sheer diversity of the scene itself.

It’s a cultural behemoth that’s arisen from the depths of the ’90s and mated with itself to spawn countless subgenres, scenes and cultures. All that and more is set to be examined in the upcoming film I/O: An Electronic Music Documentary.

In order to fund the project, filmmaker Kevan McGovern is offering his previous mini-doc The Shambhala Experience if you pledge $10 through their Kickstarter campaign as a digital download.

I/O (Input/Output) “examines the connection between electronic music, human beings, and cultural anthropology.” Having been dedicated for the past five years to bring both projects to light, this past summer McGovern completed a six-city theatrical tour of The Shambhala Experience.

Performing artists making appearances in both films include DJ Z-Trip, Opiuo, Dub Fx, Datsik, Chali 2na, Rusko, Dieselboy, DJ Stickybuds, ill-esha, LongWalkShortDock, and more. The I/O Kickstarter campaign runs from now until Nov.27. The Shambhala Experience documentary will only be available during these dates.

You can check out the campaign here at iodocumentary.com or visit http://www.inputoutputfilm.com/ for more info.

Photo: Courtesy of Reverse Media

Photo: Courtesy of Reverse Media

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