Chron Goblin’s American Sound Engineer’s Guide to Slang Terminology Commonly Used by Canadian Musicians

Friday 30th, October 2015 / 10:59
Compiled by Brett Whittingham, Chron Goblin percussionist
Photo: Trevor Hatter

Photo: Trevor Hatter

CALGARY — “Our sound engineer at Toadhouse Studios in Portland, Oregon, Adam Pike, was constantly laughing at our slang.

“He’d routinely be cracking up in the booth at the expressions we were throwing around during our recording sessions [for our new album Backwater].

“After apologizing for saying ‘Sorry’ so often, we thought it would be appropriate to leave him a vernacular dictionary I had compiled of all the hilarious sayings we use in Canada.”

Toadhouse Studios Dictionary of Canadiana
the Chron Goblin edition



1. a place to be avoided

2. an area not intended for occupation

synonyms: ditch, gutter

example: “Keep that guitar solo out of the cabbage!”



1. impressive, great, acknowledging approval with exuberance

synonyms: cool, killer, wicked, sick, rad

example: “That riff is deadly!”



1. past tense of “dick”

2. made a mistake, failed, unsuccessful attempt

3. alternative: dicked ‘er, dicked it

synonyms: fucked up, blew it

example: “You really dicked that drum take.” “You’re right, I dicked it.”



1. affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s faculties or behaviour

synonyms: drunk, wasted, faded, mangled

example: “I drank too many gin and tonics, I’m so fuckin’ dickered right now!”



1. the act of being so drunk, it’s likely one will pass out in a dumpster

2. the sensation of being so drunk, one belongs in an environment of grease, grime, dirt, and garbage

synonyms: blacked out, browned out, blind drunk

example: “You were dumpstered last night at the ‘rippers”

‘kin rights!


1. abbreviation for “fucking rights”

2. expressing agreement and appreciation with fervency

synonyms: fuck yeah, hell yeah

example: “Would you like to go to the ‘rippers?” “‘kin rights I do!”



1. an abbreviation of the word “strippers”

2. a place to be attended frequently

synonyms: strip club, peelers, gentlemans club

example: “Let’s grab a beef dip at the ‘rippers for lunch.”

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