Portland hardcore punks Long Knife play hard and tour harder

Thursday 05th, November 2015 / 13:15
By Lindsay Kasting

LONGKNIFE_PROMOVANCOUVER — Listening to Portland’s Long Knife, it’s hard not to pick up the heavy eighties American hardcore influences. The band has got to be sick of getting compared to Poison Idea, but holy shit, if you like Poison Idea, you are guaranteed to dig this band. They’ve got that classic hardcore punk sound and a great, high energy live show. Their drummer could pass for Freddy Mercury – with both his look and enthusiasm. They have a shredder on guitar, a larger than life vocalist, and bass lines that make you wonder whether you should shake your butt or your fist. The band is comprised of Joe, Scott, Colin, and Chris.

Their Vancouver date was the first show and the only North American date of their upcoming Japan & Australia tour. The tour was set up to continue supporting the release of their second full length album, Meditations on Self Destruction, which has already seen them tour through the U.S. and Europe since it’s release this spring.

“We were thinking about doing Seattle too on the way but I don’t know, I think it’s just Vancouver. We love Vancouver, we played at the Cobalt last time we were up there, so it’ll be good to go back. We seem to do something weird every time we tour. We just went to Europe and we drove down to Oakland and played one show and then flew to Europe, flew back played Oakland again and then drove home. So it’s just kind of interesting to do something before you leave,” mused Colin about the unlikely tour date.

The Japanese leg of tour is a cool follow up to their American tour in November of last year, in which they drove with Tokyo’s Forward across their home continent, with a handful of Canadian dates including Montreal’s Varning Fest and Toronto’s Not Dead Yet Fest. Now they’re headed overseas to once again join with Forward for their first Japanese tour before heading to Australia where they’ll step out on their own. They will also be repressing the Forward/Long Knife split 7” they did together in time for that American tour.

“Forward was great to tour with and we had a great time hanging out with them, they’re an amazing band. Every night they played great,” says Colin about the first round of the bands touring together, “Last year we started the tour in Portland on Halloween. This year, this tour, we start in Japan, like, two days before Halloween. So we get to spend two Halloweens in a row with Forward. I don’t’ know what they do in Japan for Halloween, I bet they do crazy stuff.”

These folks are an incredibly hard working band having already, in their less than three years as a band, released two full-length albums and a 7” besides that recently reissued split. They’ll be touring with represses of that 1st full length as well. Besides this they have racked up a few American tours, Europe, and now Asia. They tour hard when they aren’t at home writing and recording.

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