The Sumner Brothers – The Hell In Your Mind

Friday 06th, November 2015 / 14:55
By Sarah Kitteringham


Roots-based rock done right is chock full of a simmering sexuality that’s hard to fake. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Sumner Brothers know how to do the style excellently with their shuffling percussion, strangely fitting synth integrations, cigarette scratch laden vocals, and warm chords. Appropriately, The Hell In Your Mind conjures up dusty summer nights sipping whiskey on the porch.

The simple “Last Night I Got Drunk” begins the album, setting the mournful tone. Follower “Ant Song” swells and contracts with shimmering guitar notes while the clipped backing beat that anchors “It Wasn’t My Fault” ends up making the song reminiscent of the sad drunk feel perfected by The Wallflowers. “Lose Your Mind” is fittingly tragic with instrumentation cascading in the background amidst the creak of fingers trailing down a guitar neck. All told, The Hell In Your Mind is largely slow and low, brimming with sadness. Occasionally, the pace picks up such as on “I’m Not Ready,” but their stock in trade is conjuring up the sonic representation of the aftermath of a gunfight.