Waingro – Mt Hood

Friday 06th, November 2015 / 14:28
By Jonathan Crane


It’s only been a year since Vancouver’s Waingro released their debut self-titled album and already they’re set to release their sophomore offering Mt Hood.

Given the relatively short amount of times between both releases, it’s not surprising that Mt Hood contains many of the defining characteristics of the original release, notably Waingro’s chaotic sound that sits somewhere between southern stoner rock and hardcore.

Songs like “The Desert Son” and “Nomad” showcase why the band has the “stoner” label, with their heavy distorted southern riffs and snare-driven beats. Elsewhere, “Black Eagle” and “Mercury Six” are where the similarities to hardcore seriously emerge. Both of them clock in at less than two and a half minutes in length, providing a framework for the relentless pace Waingro works at.

The standout track is the namesake, “Mt Hood.” This is the most visible departure from the debut album. At just over seven minutes in length, this slow-roller is the group’s expansion into capital “D” Doom. It’s an area they visited on their first album, but only in bits and pieces, such as on the intro to “Black Dawn.” On the other hand, “Mt Hood” has that characteristic sludge of the genre providing the skeleton of the song. It’s omnipresent the entire way through.

This album showcases Waingro gradually refining their sound, strengthening old directions and expanding into new ones. They’ve once again proven what many of the reviews for their first album suggested; one genre simply isn’t enough to describe the entirety of their sound.



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