Hey Rosetta!, Yukon Blonde at Jack Singer Concert Hall

Friday 13th, November 2015 / 19:01
By Andrew R. Mott
Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde at Jack Singer Concert Hall. Photo: Andrew R. Mott

Guitarist Adam Hogan and cellist Romesh Thavanathan of Hey Rosetta!.
Photo: Andrew R. Mott

November 10, 2015

CALGARY — When Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta! got word of #IMAGINEOCT20TH, a movement of concerts championed by a range of Canadian musicians who wished to usher in the ousting of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he started writing a song. Not only did Baker’s writing focus on the need to alter the political landscape, it was crafted with his upcoming tour with Yukon Blonde in mind. The result was the stirring, dark collaboration “The Land You Love.”

Thanks to the video, the foundational element of what would become the stage and lighting design for the upcoming Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde tour was born. As such, when Hey Rosetta! took to the Jack Singer’s stage it was to a single light that illuminated Mr. Baker. The lights came up in series, illuminating all seven musicians of the band. It was beautifully simplistic, warm, and then explosive. While the collaboration would come later in the evening, Hey Rosetta! opened the set with the reverberating and driving “Promise” from their latest release, Second Sight. Immediately there was a depth and richness that can only be experienced live. The lighting design did an amazing job of pulling the aesthetic of the band out of the mind and into a dreamed reality. The evening was awesome and the banter playful, such as when a woman shouted “You’re beautiful!” at openers Yukon Blonde, to which bassist James Younger replied, “Which one of us specifically?”

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde at Jack Singer Concert Hall. Photo: Andrew R. Mott

Yukon Blonde’s Jeff Innes with a little hip twist action.
Photo: Andrew R. Mott

The quintet got the house warmed up and on its feet, paving the way for Rosetta!, who had a fully engaged crowd echoing a chorus of “let your red heart show!”

Attendees were quick to their feet, and up in the rafters people could be seen leaning into the experience and over the rails. It all culminated in a passionate encore, as Yukon Blonde came back out with Hey Rosetta! to play “The Land You Love,” followed by a solo performance of “Stand By Me.” Classic.

Hey Rosetta and Yukon Blonde by Andrew R. Mott

Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde Performing “Land You Love” to a house on its feet.
Photo: Andrew R. Mott

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