Black Earth gets ready for one final night of possibly bloody, possibly spark-flying fun

Monday 23rd, November 2015 / 14:03
By Ana Mihajlovic
After November 27th, local punk act Black Earth is no more! Photo: Hannah Cawsey

After November 27th, local punk act Black Earth is no more!
Photo: Hannah Cawsey

CALGARY — Destructive Calgary pop rockers Black Earth are hanging up their instruments and playing their final show. Since their inception in 2010, the band has released three albums and one EP, smashed countless guitars, and energized Calgarians with their frenetic guitar playing and aggressively captivating lead vocals. Lead singer Erika Leah and guitarist Anthony Janicki sat down with BeatRoute to chronicle their top three most memorable moments as a band before they go out with a (possibly bloody, possibly spark-flying) extended-set bang.

#1: That time they opened for The Tea Party

“My go-to favourite experience is always the Tea Party show,” begins Erika. “We were asked to open for them a couple of years ago at Flames Central and it was amazing.”

“We were offered the show last minute, about five days in advance,” adds Anthony. “Everything was against us at first. They wanted us to sell 50 tickets last minute. Also Erika and Steve, our drummer, both had different gigs that same night but somehow we managed to make all of these things come together. In the end, it was incredible to walk out to a crowd with more people than I’ve ever played for before.”

#2: That time they filmed their own music video for “Ships Mast”

“The video involved Erica riding on the hood of a car, going 100 kilometres per hour, singing the lyrics, while we drove alongside the car and filmed her,” explains Anthony.

“There were no harnesses or safety precautions of any kind,” adds Erika, laughing.

#3: That time Anthony smashed his head open onstage

“We like to break things onstage: guitars, televisions, beer bottles. One time [Anthony] smashed his head open with a beer bottle and lost two pints of blood. He didn’t realize he was bleeding at first. I went to walk over to him and he’s still just wailing hard on the guitar, not realizing that blood was literally squirting from his head,” says Erika. In true punk-rock fashion, the band finished up their set before driving Anthony to the hospital.

Black Earth will be playing their final show on November 27th at Dickens in Calgary along with Seen Unseen, Craic The Lens, The Evidence, and Alkatine.

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