Enjoy 24 days of holiday beer with the Craft Crossing Calendar

By Ruby Woodruff
Don’t spoil the surprise and jump ahead like you did when you were a kid!

Don’t spoil the surprise and jump ahead like you did when you were a kid!

VANCOUVER — December evokes nostalgic memories of writing letters to Santa, decorating Christmas trees, and opening advent calendars. For those who miss the stale chocolate countdown of their childhood, Parallel 49 Brewing Company and Central City Brewers and Distillers have come up with an adult alternative: the Craft Crossing Calendar.

Each brewery contributes 12 beers to this limited edition 24-pack. Half of them are classic, half are special brews exclusive to the pack. This is the second year of the calendar and, along with the holiday season, it celebrates the creativity of brewmasters Graham With (Parallel 49) and Gary Lohin (Central City).

“The response from last year’s collaboration was tremendous,” says Lohin. “These holiday brews can only be found in the Craft Crossing Calendar and the beers in the 24-pack will remain a mystery until you open them, just like you would with a traditional chocolate advent calendar.” The Craft Crossing Calendar will be distributed in liquor stores across BC, Alberta, and Manitoba. It includes sour beers, stouts, bocks, pale ales, and winter ales.

One of the beers likely to be in the pack is Parallel 49’s Ugly Sweater Milk Stout. “It’s a 5% stout that’s sweetened with lactose, which is an un-fermentable sugar,” explains Parallel 49 brewer, Kyle Stewart. “You get the roasty, chocolaty side of the stout and some sugary sweetness too.”

The Craft Crossing Calendar is an enjoyable project for both breweries and gives them an opportunity to challenge themselves. “The beers that we make are excellent and they’re technically really strong, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stuffy or serious,” says Stewart. “We can have fun with them and [have them] be good, those two things aren’t mutually exclusive. We hope that people see it that way, too.”

The package is decorated with a snowy landscape, reminiscent of the advent calendars of your youth. On top of the case, train tracks indicate what beer to drink each day. You could open the pack all at once, but embracing your inner child-like anticipation is all part of the calendar’s charm.

Make room in your fridge and let the countdown begin.

The Craft Crossing Calendar is now available in liquor stores across B.C.

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