Arkavello – Songs From the Future

Monday 07th, December 2015 / 20:51
By Kennedy Enns


Arkavello is a folky rock pop trio from the rural outpost of Drayton Valley, Alberta. Their first EP, Songs From the Future, is a diverse melodic-sounding debut full of free-floating harmonies spreading a message of peace, love and hope. Devotees of “what the world needs now,” Arkavello tunes all their instruments to 432 Hz, claiming it provides a spiritual and soothing reaction to the mind and body. Calling upon a spiritual awakening and opening their audience’s “third eye,” they acknowledge a greater power and ask it to save humanity from itself.

On “Here We Are” we’ve missed all the warning signs; our selfishness runs amok, wrecking havoc and we’ve let greed create great discord, as indicated by the lyrics: “Cause all the greed we’ve built so high / spreads like a weed into the sky / and it can’t be stopped / no not this time.” These prophets of doom preach positive change for our broken planet Earth. These are songs from the future telling you to open your third eye and plan for a revolution.