Autopsy – Skull Grinder

Monday 07th, December 2015 / 20:47
By James Barager

autopsyPeaceville Records

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not just Kwanzaa, but time for the new Autopsy album! Since their triumphant reunion five years ago, Chris Reifert and pals have been pumping out releases with a pace akin to Jeffrey Dahmer’s killing spree, and again, like the aforementioned serial killer, their music has a similar effect. Indeed, this most welcome addition to the classic death metal quartet’s catalogue will leave you writhing in agony as the riffs burrow into your brain like the power drill used in The Milwaukee Cannibal’s ill-fated experiments.

With such a low gestation period between releases, one can’t help but have dubious expectations. Once again, the gore grandfathers put these fears to rest. Their guitar solos howl like a crazed lunatic on the prowl through the cemetery armed with shovel and burlap sack for more bodies to exhume for use in his deranged Frankenstein-like cornucopia of corpses, while the riffs disintegrate bone and tissue into a pulpy, sinewy spread of gore, like a monotone abstract art piece, and the drums commit battery like a mob thug with a grudge.

So basically, yep…. this is an Autopsy album, a more than welcome addition to their repertoire and a continuation of their current streak. Worth every damn cent.