Bonobo at Celebrities Nightclub

Wednesday 09th, December 2015 / 12:22
By Tetsu Yokochi
Bonobo at Celebrities Nightclub. Photo: Jonathan Glendon

Bonobo at Celebrities Nightclub.
Photo: Jonathan Glendon

December 4, 2015

VANCOUVER — British DJ and producer Simon Green, also known as Bonobo, performed a set at Celebrities Nightclub for his latest Vancouver appearance. Even though Bonobo hasn’t released any tracks since his Flashlight EP last year, there was an unusually long line in front of the door, and tickets were sold out days before the event.

Prior to Bonobo, the show began at 9:00 with mellow deep-house music, and the crowd was bumping and dancing to the hypnotic rhythms. By the time Bonobo’s set started, the club was already fully packed and the crowds were beyond excited.

As soon as he hit the stage, the crowd screamed with anticipation for the deep, mellow tracks he would soon push out. The set began with the chilled-out sounds that Bonobo is known for. The crowd quickly became hypnotized by the minimalistic lighting and rolling bass, and It wasn’t long until the entire floor was jumping and moving to the beat in complete unison.

The combination of Bonobo’s sounds and the show’s lighting systems were perfect. The lighting amplified the power that his hit song “Cirrus” pounded through the club late into Friday night. Despite having a two-hour-plus set, the crowd stayed captivated for the entire time and they danced well into the early hours of the morning.

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