Vancouver metal outfit Astrakhan unleashes ‘Omajod’ live video

Wednesday 09th, December 2015 / 12:03
By Sarah Kitteringham

BeatRoute is proud to premiere “Omajod,” a live video by Vancouver progressive sludge hybrid Astrakhan. Watch the video below and read our interview with guitarist Adam Young.

VANCOUVER — “’Omajod’ is the beast. The lumbering mass,” begins guitarist Adam Young of Vancouver progressive sludge metal outfit Astrakhan. Bassist and vocalist Dustan Toth, guitarist and vocalist Rob Zawistowski, and drummer Jerome Brewer round out the band’s line-up. Active since 2012, they are on the verge of releasing Reward in Purpose, their fourth release and one that follows three EPs.

This is “the introduction to, and exposition of, Astrakhan’s new album Reward in Purpose. Omajod is the name of the fictional god we give power to in our minds. The benefactor of the greed, and self-entitlement that propels our social bubble.”

“The song itself describes an awakening of self-awareness,” he continues. Filmed during Psych Fest 2 at the Hindenburg, the video was filmed by Stone Mountain Films, and edited by Robbie Zee; Michael Kraushaar and Ricky Good at Bully’s Studio’s captured the audio. From a thematic and lyrical perspective, the song is rich with meaning.

“[It’s about the] realization that the individual is being controlled by external forces, and the struggle with what to do with that knowledge. At the brink of existential crisis, the contemplator assesses the value of using this knowledge to break free from the pull of Omajod or whether to numb themselves with the illusions that allow a person to once again fall asleep in the warmth and comfort of ignorance – chosen or not.”

See Astrakhan on New Year’s Eve in Vancouver with Yob and BISON at the Rickshaw in Vancouver. Tickets are available online at TicketFly.

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