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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

By Darrole Palmer   October 15, 2019 Pacific Coliseum   Tyler, the Creator has taken his alter ego, Igor, on the road and he’s making all the…

Federal Lights – Coeur De Lion

Monday 11th, January 2016 / 19:35
By Andrea Hrynyk

federallightsAporia Records

The five-piece Winnipeg indie band kicks off their new year by releasing a brilliant record. The 12-track album, Coeur De Lion, which translates from French to Lion Heart, begins with a calming piano instrumental entitled “The Ghost (Rises).” The album carries on with the band’s first single from the record, the soft-rocking, repetitive “Into the Ground.”

The two voices of the semi-deep, Neil Diamond inspired vocals of Jean-Guy Roy and the beautiful, angelic vocals of Jodi Roy blend together perfectly in the upbeat tracks You & I and Lie To Me.

From the lyrically doleful track, “Ctrl.Alt.Delete” to the feel good foot-tapping track, “This Town,” this album is filled with songs that make you feel more then one intense emotion. It takes a turn vocally with the only female presence in the band, Jodi Roy, taking the lead on the simple song with the raw lyrics, “Couer de Lion.”

Nodding back to the opening track, the equally as eerie piano instrumental “The Ghost (Moves)” takes the album full circle, capping off its crisp yet chill pop vibes and leaving the listener feeling relaxed.