Italian whiskey fiends Baphomet’s Blood are doing the devil’s work + ‘In Satan We Trust’ album premiere

Monday 18th, January 2016 / 12:25
By Ian Lemke is proud to premiere In Satan We Trust, the fourth full length from Italian speed metal freaks Baphomet’s Blood. Stream the album and read Ian Lemke’s discussion with vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Necrovomiterror below. Drink to the power of Satan’s might!

CALGARY — 2015 saw dozens of metal releases surging into the modern soundscape, many of them defying genre limitations, or rather demonstrating that there are none. But for all of the experimental ilk that revel in quashing expectations and punishing purists, there remains a stubborn orthodoxy with roots sunk steadfast to the bedrock of the underground. These monuments to the ‘80s stand proudly still while the tides of trends crash unceasingly overhead. Baphomet’s Blood ring in the New Year with a hot slab of balls to the wall whiskey-worship.

“We are unoriginal? Fuck you, we don’t care!”

A perfect testament to the attitude of these reckless speed metal terrors, as preached by filth-howling frontman Necrovomiterror.

“If you like ‘original’ music, you can’t like underground metal. Underground metal is made of alcohol, drugs, vinyl worshippers, rehearsal rooms, going to the shows, etc. We worship a lot of old/new bands but [the originality] is not important.”

Like the devil with three faces from Dante’s Inferno, the Italian four-piece worship the combined deity of Motörhead, Venom, and Bulldozer. Their new LP, naturally labeled In Satan We Trust, is the group’s first full-length in seven years due to lineup problems. Original drummer R.R. Unholy Bastard left in 2012, and his replacement suffered a motorcycle accident one month after his recruitment.

“So we spent a couple of years to find another drummer…and now we finally have it! The best hammer of the East Coast.”

Nineteen-year-old S.R. Bestial Hammer, also of Hatred (a thrash metal band with three-quarters of Baphomet Blood’s members) completes the lineup. “Yes he is [younger] than us, better for going fast! A new young engine!”

During the lineup turbulence Necrovomiterror kept writing, so that by the time the right percussionist came along, they were “back from the fire and ready to strike again!” Apparently the hiatus had no effect on the band recapturing their old fury.

“For us it’s the normal way to live and play. We fuel ourselves with a lot of bourbon and rock on. Can’t stop rockin’!”

This, the fourth time around, the goal is to nail their sound down even tighter, rather than stray away from it. A lesson they’ve learned from Motörhead or one of Necrovomiterrors’s personal favourites – Rose Tattoo.

“Real attitude and devotion can’t change in three or four decades. Rock and roll is a way of life, not only on Saturday nights.”

Of course, even with old-school minded acts like Baphoment’s Blood, production does tend to improve with each release, just don’t call it modern.

“Modern is a bad word,” confirms Necrovomiterror.

"Nice boys don't play rock 'n' roll," says Baphomet's Blood member

“Nice boys don’t play rock ‘n’ roll,” says Baphomet’s Blood member Necrovomiterror.

The guitars barrel along, thicker than tectonic plates over molten hot bass tremolos, with only the dynamite snare blasts and razor-sharp crashes cutting through. Meanwhile, Necrovomiterror snarls his sacrilegious gospel with the kind of gusto that makes you wonder if Lemmy planted any bastards in Italy circa 1983.

Speaking of Motörhead, the recent passing of Lemmy Kilmister and Phil “Philthy Animal Taylor brought to many rockers’ minds the frailty of their mortal gods, and the inevitable passing of the old guard.

“Sometimes I think about what will happen in 10 years when all the old bands will quit with music or will die. We aren’t in the ‘80s now and we are trying to live metal nowadays, but I think the underground music shall live in the damned souls of the new generation forever!”

To illustrate his point, Necrovomiterror digs up a lyric from Running Wild’s debut album, Gates to Purgatory: “We are prisoners of our time, but we are still alive.”

Baphomet’s Blood’s devotion to the ways of old continues in their refusal to print CDs, claiming vinyl is “the perfect format for metal.”

“If you feel an emotion when you put [on] a record, you’ll have it forever. The feeling doesn’t change.”

He goes on to voice his disdain for ‘kids these days’ who cover themselves in patches but don’t own any records. “If you want to listen [to] Baphomet’s Blood, buy a turntable, a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and worship Satan!”

There you have it. Heavy metal ain’t for the half-assed, and Baphomet’s Blood aren’t here to make friends. After all, “Nice boys don’t play rock ‘n’ roll.”

In Satan We Trust will be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on January 25th. That same day, they are re-releasing the previous three albums in a limited run of 500 copies of each. No pre-order or reservations are available.

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