Working For the Weekend: With comedian Sophie Buddle

Thursday 04th, February 2016 / 02:00
By Glenn Alderson
Photo: Sarah Whitlam

Photo: Sarah Whitlam

VANCOUVER — Sophie Buddle is a rising talent in Vancouver’s burgeoning comedy scene. At 21 years old she already has an impressive list of accolades on her resume. From performing at the internationally famous Just For Laughs festival in Montreal last year to her most recent upcoming gig opening for Nick Thune, Buddle has proven she knows how to command an audience with just a microphone and her sharp wit. The hard part about being a comic at such a young age comes with content and accessibility, but with a history of interest in the stand up trade (she started when she was 15), Buddle has learned equally from all of the great talent Vancouver houses locally, as well as the comics constantly passing through the city. When she’s not braving the stage of dimly lit comedy clubs and late night open mics, she can sometimes be found slingin’ cold-press juice and wheat grass shots at Just Juice on Davie Street. We caught up with Buddle on one of her days off to find out how she squeezes every last laugh from her eager and attentive audiences. 

BeatRoute: What’s your comedy origin story, how did it all start? 

Sophie Buddle: My sneaky Jewish mother won us tickets to a comedy club when I was 14 and we loved it so much that we made it our mother-daughter weekly date for about a year. After a few months of watching, I asked the staff at the club how I could get onstage and they gave me a date to show up.

BR: Can you tell us about the first time you performed stand-up?

SB: It was a little weird because I had told everyone that I was 19 so that I could do shows in bars. I wish I hadn’t done that so I could have done jokes about high school and things I knew about. But besides that I think my first time was just like everyone else’s. I was excited and I wore a cute top.

BR: What does a day in the life of a stand-up comedian look like?

SB: We are just like everyone else. Wake up noonish, get a coffee, take a nap, get ready for a show.

BR: What do you do at Just Juice?

SB: I just sell juice.

BR: If you were to have a signature juice, what would it be?

SB: Grapefruit juice is my favourite but we don’t sell it at Just Juice because my boss hates me.

BR: What’s the funniest thing to happen to you on the job?

SB: One time there was a banana peel on the ground, but nobody slipped on it because I picked it up. Safety is funny.

BR: Have any of your past work experiences, outside of comedy, ended up in your act?

SB: I’m 21, the only other real work experience I have is working at Starbucks and there is nothing funny about how fat I got while I worked there. Nothing.

BR: What’s the deal with cold-pressed juice? Does it give you powers, should we believe the hype?

SB: It gives you the power of having great skin.

BR: What has been the most exciting achievement in your comedy career so far?

SB: Either performing at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal this past summer or singlehandedly winning the Canadian Comedy award for best male sketch group.

BR: When you come home from a tour or a long string of shows, what’s something you do to relax after work?

SB: I try to book more shows. It relaxes me to know I have stuff coming up. I love comedy, lol.

BR: If you could go back and give one piece of advice to yourself when you were starting out, what would it be?

SB: Get a funnier hairdo to show everyone I’m serious about comedy.

BR: What never fails to make you laugh?

SB: Vancouver comedian Graham Clark, but he does not like to be referred to as a “what.”

BR: What do you hope to achieve in the next year?

SB: I’m currently making a web series called So I Met This Guy, I’m really hoping it’s good. It will be coming out this year.

Sophie Buddle is performing as part of The Lady Show on Feb. 19 at Little Mountain (early & late show). She will also be opening for Nick Thune at the Biltmore on Feb. 20 and performing at the King’s Head on the Feb. 23. 

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