Andy Brown – Seasons

Thursday 11th, February 2016 / 20:34
By Heather Adamson


The third full-length album from New Brunswick-born Andy Brown stays true to his folk-ballad style. Based on his past and present offerings, writing about heartache, loss and love is seemingly his niche. The aptly named Seasons encompasses this theme throughout much of the album’s 11 tracks, with songs such as “Run,” “Seasons,” and “Firemoon” referencing the changing landscape of life in a given year. However, the core storyline from start to finish centers around coming to terms with the end of a relationship. Every track carries with it a weight of longing, regret and the memory of the one that got away.

Not overly produced, you can easily imagine yourself in a room with just Brown and his guitar serenading a crowd with his melancholy anthology. They say misery loves company so for anyone experiencing the despair of a broken heart, look no further, Andy Brown will be your trusted companion to wallow in the depths for as long as you choose to press play.