Mammoth Grove – Suncatcher

Thursday 11th, February 2016 / 19:50
By Christine Leonard


Harvesting solar rays since the appearance their self-titled debut in 2011, Calgarian tusk-rockers Mammoth Grove have had ample time to let the songs from their latest album, Suncatcher, soak in. Comprised of lead vocalist-guitarist Devan Forster, bassist-vocalist Tad Hynes and drummer-vocalist Kurtis Urban, the high flying trio recorded Suncatcher back in mid-2014, but the nine-track odyssey wouldn’t see the light of day until late 2015. A beguiling psych-stone follow-up to the band’s 2012 Taste of What’s to Come EP, this new release reflects Mammoth Grove’s progressing musicianship and organic approach to writing songs that combine lyrics that speak to the heart and heavy hooks that go straight to the head. A fierce and fuzzy album with an impetuous spirit, Suncatcher is a welcome reminder of days gone by; when men wore rawhide sandals and dogs sometimes got tofu for dinner. Rumi said you grow more flowers with rain than thunder, but the confident loping strides and blown-out ampage of “The Storm” strike a happy medium between nature and nurture. Fuck a manbun. These modern day diggers prefer to let their freak flags fly free. Thicker with grooves than your favourite pair of bellbottom corduroys, the ever-winding strains of “Long Road”, melodious moonburn of “Sundance”, and grungy optimism of “Rollin” are distilled from the rawest essences of blues, rock and metal. From the magnetic space-anthem surges of “Choppin Off Goblins” to the rippling instrumentation of “Silver Lagoon,” Forster’s languid vocals conjure the memories of a thousand bonfire nights spent listening to CCR under the stars and skinny-dipping in the stream of collective consciousness.