Mark Mills – 1.6.16

Thursday 11th, February 2016 / 19:19
By Maria Dardano

markmillsFriend Zone Records

Mark Mills is already known as Calgary’s ultra-positive sex pop music dad — with his energetic stage presence, and previous albums Go Love Yourself and Triple Fire Sign, it’s evident. Just in case he didn’t win your heart yet, he lives up to his reputation once again by kicking off the New Year with the release of his new album, 1.6.16.

The upbeat tempo that Mills plays with and has gifted us with makes for quite the party album. 1.6.16 is a great way to begin and end of your night out, as each track has a certain energy to it that will guide you through the night. The balance between the beat of the drum, the sounds from a keyboard and the electric guitar throughout this album makes it impossible for you to sit still. With each play, the listener is transported to the kind of party that recalls John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Mills plays with groovy tempos that will ignite your inner Duran Duran. He pulls from the most colourful, sparkly and cliché elements from the ‘80s and re-contextualizes them in a distinctly 2016 way.

Mills touches topics such as love, lust, and the many highs and lows of life in a vibrant and colourful way. In doing so, these tracks will make you not only relate to, but want to embrace the hardships in life. “Mrs” is perfect for that. This ‘80s electro-pop track will you dancing the night away, but also have you thinking about that one person you can’t stop thinking about. (“No matter where I go or what I do, you know I can’t stop missing you.”) Each component of the 16-track album has a distinct instrument that lives with you through the entire song – it’s mesmerizing. Whether it’s the maraca, Spanish flute, electric guitar or the hypnotic beat of the drum, it commits to the entire song, and Mills’ voice ties it all together. Mark Mills has blessed our ears with 1.6.16, and this reviewer hopes he continues to impress us with his talents.