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Don’t Go To Bass Coast

Don’t Go To Bass Coast

By Alan Ranta MERRITT – 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of Bass Coast, the infamous electronic music and arts festival that…

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Endorphins Lost: Power violence reimagined

Monday 15th, February 2016 / 02:02
By Alex Molten

New Endorphines PhotoVANCOUVER — Every wonder what makes people tick? Ever watch someone have a public meltdown and want to know what’s going on inside their head? Hell, ever act crazy and wonder what is going on in your own head?

Well, Seattle-based Endorphins Lost has built the concept of their band around these questions. Their lyrical content explores the human psyche against the grating backdrop of power violence. “The concept basically is that every song deals with some sort of psychological disconnect with the rest of society/humanity,” explains bassist and vocalist Brandon Curry. “When we came up with the idea it was mostly because we didn’t want to do songs about politics and we wanted to have lyrics that someone could read and maybe relate to.”

Musically, Endorphins Lost can be described as relentless. Fast and aggressive, it’s like anger and frustration has been distilled into guitar riffs. The lyrics aren’t sung, they are screamed and all this happens over top of a drumbeat that often sounds like machine gun fire. “I always felt that the grind and power violence bands I listen to have pretty simple structure to their songs like punk but the thing that sets it apart is that it has very alarming, rigid tempo changes and vocals that demand your attention,” says Curry of power violence. “It sounds like the music you would listen to if you were going to murder something.”

The band will soon be releasing their first LP called Choose Your Way and a split 7” with Deathgrave. “The goal [for this record] was to step up the game and make songs that were more worthy of an LP and to showcase the sound of our solidified line-up. I think the songs have the same ferocity as the older material but they are delivered with a much clearer direction,” says Curry about the album. “The Blood Pact EP was a great first release. I still really like the songs on that record and we want to start playing some of them in the set again…But until now, we always have been held back by our rotating line-up. We are on drummer number seven and rhythm guitarist number five. So, because of either limitations of our previous members ability, or restricting ourselves to teaching a new member material for live shows, attempting to write new stuff has been a slow process.” The solidified line-up is Kerry Hall on vocals with Curry on bass and vocals, Chis Napolitano and Sam Bovington playing guitar, and Justin Rodda behind the kit.

“Most of our songs are pretty short… Usually not over 1:30, so one big difference you may notice right away is that a lot of the tracks are longer and more progressive then our past releases,” Curry explains what to expect from the new album. “There is a lot of more intricate guitar parts and vocal trade offs and definitely more hooks and mid tempo sections. The drumming is much more ferocious and complex and there’s more of a power violence presence, but at the same time more of a metal sound because there’s more harmonies and technical riffing going on.”

Endorphins Lost has their song “Shut In” from their upcoming LP available on their Bandcamp. It starts at breakneck speed and features a rad breakdown. Take a listen, but try not to murder anything!

Endorphins Lost will be performing in Vancouver on February 19. Ask a punk for details.

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