Netflix and Kill: March 2016

Tuesday 01st, March 2016 / 13:33
By Gareth Watkins

CALGARY — You may not have heard, but Orange Is the New Black (the show that cut a million cables) has been renewed for infinity plus one seasons. Okay, three more after this season’s fourth, but after a third season that saw a steep drop in quality it’s going to feel like infinity plus one. Also, Netflix, unless you include a feature that allows me to skip past any scene with Piper in it I’m switching to Amazon Prime. Real talk.

House of Cards (Netflix) is back for a fourth season on March 4th, which is good. (Turns towards camera, adopts Southern accent) House of Cards hasn’t been good since its second season, and “Pussy Riot Cameo” has replaced “Jumping The Shark” as shorthand for a show reaching irredeemable awfulness, but I’ll be watching this anyway. Why? One word. Power. Throw enough money, lavish cinematography and Kevin Spacey on the screen and people will watch. Y’all.

Everybody’s been waiting for Aaron Paul to prove that he is more than Jesse Pinkman, and, shockingly, a Need For Speed adaptation didn’t do it. The Path (Hulu) just might. Synopsis: dude joins a cult, cults are bad, we get to see Aaron Paul cry manly tears a lot. It might just turn out to be as tense as the first season of Homeland or as baffling as The Following, since cults are seated alongside serial killers on the bus back to the ‘90s, when they were still scary.

Lastly, if you want the ‘chill’ part of Netflix and Chill to get weird fast then there’s Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday (Netflix). Just trust me on this one.

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