Resolve Records online store slings vinyl in cyberspace

Thursday 03rd, March 2016 / 13:18
By James Olson
Resolve Records aims for ease and availability.

Resolve Records aims for ease and availability.

VANCOUVER — Lachlan Jones and Ross Noble’s punk convictions run deep and form an essential part of their new business venture — Resolve Records. The friends bonded through a mutual love for bands like Lagwagon and NOFX, and, after moving to Vancouver from Australia, discovered it was difficult to find vinyl by their favourites. Resolve served as a way to fill a hole in the market by selling records in an exclusively online store.

The ethos of Resolve is twofold: to keep costs down and to increase accessibility. What sets them apart from other online stores is a personal touch — and free delivery. “If you live in Vancouver, we can just drop your package to your door for free. That way you get to meet the person, shake their hand, and meet people in the scene and community, as well,” Jones explains.

Maintaining access to the local scene is one of Resolve’s biggest goals. “Throughout the traveling that we’ve both done, there seems to be a punk rock scene just about everywhere and I think it’s built upon community acceptance,” Jones says. “It’s a welcoming place and it likely has a stigma that it’s something that it’s probably not. It’s absolutely a big community of friends having fun and that’s something we’re trying to put forward with Resolve.”

Jones and Noble, with Russian Tim from CiTR’s Rocket From Russia radio show, are set to christen Resolve in only the most raucous fashion with a five band-strong release show that features The Binz and Contra Code. Jones is quick to praise the efforts of Tim in helping put the gig together. “We pretty much handpicked the bands between us and Tim,” he enthuses. “Tim’s amazing, he did all the ground work with us, which is great.”

This year promises to be a big one, as Resolve aims to move into other exciting directions. “We’re just going to try and continue to expand the library of records we have so we can try and provide more for people,” Noble says. “We’re also looking to try and put on a few more shows. Hopefully get a few more touring bands through, if we can, to help out some of the smaller bands by putting them on the bill with a bigger band to get them in front of some different people to try and support them. Hopefully towards the end of the year we can get to a place where we can start trying to put out a record, as well.”

The Resolve Records launch party is on March 12 at The Media Club.

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