David Francey finds truth and beauty from ‘everything that hits your eye in a day’

Monday 07th, March 2016 / 02:12
By Robyn Welsh
David Francey has an extensive Canadian tour lined up to support his latest album.

David Francey has an extensive Canadian tour lined up to support his latest album.

CALGARY — David Francey is a Scottish-born traditional folk artist who, despite his immigration to Canada and years on its roads, retains a charming and distinct Scottish brogue that carries into his narrative lyrics. He plays traditionally styled folk songs, but often Francey and his three bandmates incorporate non-traditional instruments like the bouzouki (a Greek instrument similar to a mandolin) or a sitar (an Indian guitar like instrument with 18-21 strings) to make things more dynamic.

Over many years of touring and countless awards, Francey has amassed an army of loyal folkies who adore him for his endlessly relatability and careful storytelling. Francey’s commitment to writing about the everyday helps folks be able to see themselves in all aspects of his songwriting. He plays from the heart and draws inspiration from what might be described as an “internal well,” “one that is full of love, worry, work, and politics. Everything that hits your eye in a day.”

When he was 10 years old he got his first job as a paperboy, delivering newspapers door to door every morning, reading about politics and the atomic bomb. It was a scary world for a 10-year-old to be thrown into, and he used to wonder if he would ever see 12. His experiences working his first job inspired one of his favourite of his songs, “Paper Boy.”

Francey has toured across the country twice with his three band mates, and they are about to start again a third time. The four of them have developed a strong musical relationship, and have learned to be patient with each other, which makes being in a van together for long periods of time significantly more bearable. In talking to BeatRoute, Francey gushed about his band, “they just get it. I mean, those boys, there is nothing selfish about them. They love the music and they’ll do anything for it.”

The tour will be full of stories and songs, brought together intimately. Francey will be supporting his newest record, Empty Train, but with a few older tunes to round out the set.

David Francey and his band perform at Southwood United Church in Calgary on March 18th as part of Fish Creek Concerts and at the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton as part of the Northern Lights Folk Club on March 19th. Find him online for Western Canadian tour dates.

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