Video premiere: Youngblood – “Feel Alright”

Friday 11th, March 2016 / 04:58
By Maya-Roisin Slater

VANCOUVER — The latest release from Vancouver pop artist Youngblood is a dreamy number about society’s obsessions and the empty life they lead to. In the accompanying video, made by local production collective ROOM, singer Alexis Young personifies these obsessions. Representing vanity and glamour as a seductive baroness with ruby red lips, health and fitness as an Olivia Newton John-esque gym rat, and true love as a romance novel obsessed freckle-face practicing her make-out skills on teddy bears.

Each character is eventually consumed by their vices, the desire to find validation in their obsessions consumes them, they are left distraught and dissatisfied. Though the pressure to submit to each of the above infatuations affects almost all of us, as a female pop artist these pressures are amplified. Young says this song was a way for her to better understand her relationship with these societal demands.

final_youngblood1a_web“I think it’s important to firstly be aware of what you feel pressured to achieve, and then look at how that would ultimately benefit you. I would in no way say that I am consistently grounded, and that it’s a matter of finding perspective. The video is a reflection of my own struggles with each of the above vices.”

Moving forward in this project, Young is working hard to help us see things from her perspective with more music and more shows. She is in the midst of devising her debut EP with writing partner Parker Bossley, the release will be produced by Canadian DJ Sleepy Tom.

Youngblood will be performing live at the Fox Cabaret on April 1, until then you have the pleasure of watching the video for her latest single “Feel Alright” over and over and over again.

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