Discontinuum – Drifter EP

Tuesday 15th, March 2016 / 17:18
By Jamie McNamara


Edmonton-based musician Jeff Church has been working on music as Discontinuum for over half a decade, but never has his vision seemed as clear as it does on the long-awaited Drifter EP. After almost five years in production, Drifter arrives as part one of a promised two-EP series.

The music here is very reminiscent of late-era Opeth, or one of Devin Townsend’s various offshoots. Heavy emphasis on acoustic guitar and clean, melodic vocals make for an accessible listen, even with the heady, prog-fodder lyricism. Despite the fact that each of the three songs with vocals all feature different vocalists, the EP is a cohesive product. From the sparse, acoustic build of opener “Drifter,” to the final moments of “Last Train,” Church’s vision is clear.

Five years may be a long time to make an EP, but Church shows that some artistic visions take a while to flourish.