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Sam Cash and The Romantic Dogs – Tongue-In-Cheek Vows

Tuesday 15th, March 2016 / 15:55
By Lisa Marklinger

samcashCameron House Records

Having an expressive grasp of selfhood can be one of the most revealing and incendiary things to put in the hands of the masses. Luckily, the working class has more practical things to concern themselves with most of the time — like stuff, things, and whatnot; or, imposing their will on others, venting, and taking 20-minute power naps. So you fell asleep face down at the kitchen table with a tumbler of well whisky in your hand again. SO WHAT. You were doing musical research and re-evaluating your life. Why? Because this is what you asked for. THE BIG EXPERIENCE. It’s important to bow to your limitations once in a while. Perfection is being able to admit your flaws and stupid slip-ups. Tongue-In-Cheek-Vows, Sam Cash’s third album (second with The Romantic Dogs), will do all of that lamentable thinking for you. A poet by nature, Cash shares autobiographical snippets of the life and times of living his life inside his head, but out in the open. Far too raw in a full spectrum of emotions to come across as even accidentally haggard, Cash makes himself so affable through his lyrics, you practically become him by the end of the album. The rhythms are simple enough to make his art the centrepiece, generously fun and varied enough to keep us fully entertained, and free-sounding in a way that only a group of secret genii could pull off. World class.


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