Shout Out Out Out Out, Teledrome, BOOSH at The Needle

Wednesday 16th, March 2016 / 15:07
By Haley Pukanski
Shout Out Out Out Out at The Needle. Photo: Haley Pukanski

Shout Out Out Out Out at The Needle.
Photo: Haley Pukanski

March 12, 2016

EDMONTON — Do you feel electrical? After a two-year hiatus of performing live shows in Edmonton, Shout Out Out Out Out came back with a bang in celebration of Edmonton’s newest venue, The Needle. Accompanied by Calgary’s Teledrome, and Edmonton’s own BOOSH, the show was a long-awaited mega dream.

BOOSH at The Needle. Photo: Haley Pukanski

BOOSH at The Needle.
Photo: Haley Pukanski

No other venue could have housed the show better than The Needle. For one, the size of the party was unsurprisingly gigantic. The sound was phenomenal, with every instrument perfectly mixed. In the case of the opening act BOOSH, this came as a major advantage. Frontman Brett Klein engaged the audience with his live chip-tunes as his two drummers kept the rhythm. The high notes were never drowned out by not only one, but two drummers. This show had a lot of drum sets. Headliners Shout Out Out Out Out also featured the use of two transparent drum kits.

Along with a plethora of drums, there was a plethora of energy. Between the combined stage presence of the bands, and dancing, shouting fans, there wasn’t a quiet moment. Band members were jumping around as much as (if not more than) the crowd. The atmosphere was a happy, sweaty bliss of sorts. Every band had charisma that was emphasized by this atmosphere. The stage became less of a stage, and rather bands and fans became one hyper energy, gaining momentum as the show went on.

Teledrome at The Needle. Photo: Haley Pukanski

Teledrome at The Needle.
Photo: Haley Pukanski

Teledrome got the crowd super stoked, pre-headliner, with their short, intense pop songs. The keyboard player truly thrived from the bright lights and intense drum beat. They moved around the stage, played keys phenomenally, and eventually introduced a well-coordinated head bob during their hit “Boyfriend.”

After Teledrome, Shout Out Out Out Out really brought the noise. Immediately as frontman Nik Kozub started introducing the band, the crowd followed by chanting “Shout Out Out Out Out!” Saxophonist Brett Miles jumped onstage to play along on “Never the Same Way Twice.”

The highly anticipated party didn’t fail to be a great one, a dream come true for any fan of 2000s Canadian electronic dance punk. It was well-deserved payoff for Clint Frazier, the drummer of Shout, and his crew of painters who finished work on the venue just days before. Although it is new, the Needle will house an important part in Edmonton’s musical development, just as Shout Out Out Out Out has.

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