Rockslidin’: April 2016

Sunday 03rd, April 2016 / 11:18
By Colin Gallant
M83 performs in Calgary in support of his weird new album, Junk. Photo: Andrew Arthur

M83 performs in Calgary in support of his weird new album, Junk.
Photo: Andrew Arthur

CALGARY — We’ve finally crossed the finish line: Spring is officially upon us and it’s time to end our hibernation and see some goddamn shows. The first weekend of the month is chock full of emergent Canadian talent thanks to JUNOfest, but if you’re reading this, it’s too late. That sentence is the closest thing you’ll get to Drake at the JUNOs. Regardless, you have no excuse to stay home this month.

Let’s start it off with a little hip hop — RIP Phife Dawg! Perhaps the most influential local platform for developing hip-hop and R&B artists, [email protected] turns 55 this month. Damn, they must be doing something right if they’ve put on this many showcases of up-and-coming artists. Take a little time to embrace community on April 6th at Commonwealth.

Another milestone on our list is Hang The DJ’s sixth anniversary. If you like to keep it O.G. goth and weird as can be, you must have been to at least one instance of Calgary’s dankest DJ night. Acquaint yourself with the darker side of dance tunes both new and old on April 9th at Dickens.

If it seems like there’s a disproportionate amount of folk punk going on this month, chalk it up to three sets by Edmonton’s screamingly sincere Old Towns. He’s got a show at The Palomino on April 15th and two sets on the 16th at the Ship and Pizza Bob’s.

April 17th is for you, pop-punk fans. The Story So Far and Comeback Kid are gonna be filling with you angst at Marquee. Not a bad excuse to break out the cargo shorts and teenage hormones.

April 19th might be this columnist’s birthday, but much more importantly is the day that the inexplicable Fefe Dobson plays Flames Central. I don’t really remember what her mid-2000s hit was called, but I definitely know she’s representative of what the Canadian music industry will tolerate.

4/20 is the international day of blazing all of your reefer. Drugs are cool! So counter-cultural. There are plenty of places for Caucasians to display their dreads with the indignant pride that can only come from privilege on this day. I’d suggest seeing the Body of Light show at The Palomino, but you could also head to the Grey Eagle for Collective Soul or keep it casual at the (BeatRoute staff-affiliated) edition of Rockin’ 4 Dollar$ at Broken City.

Did y’all know that Calgary has a big old link to Broken Social Scene? One of our own, Lisa Lobsinger, became a touring and recording vocalist for them shortly after their self-titled came out. She’s been in Toronto for a minute, but she’s going to be back in town her amazingly named new project Laser. It doesn’t hurt that Calgarian JUNO nominees AM Static will be there too. Stop by The Palomino on the 22nd to check it out.

I feel like it’s a been a while since we saw Vancouver’s Tough Age. If I were you, I’d take the opportunity to see them at the Palomino with the always good Napalmpom, Blü Shorts and Power Buddies on the 29th.

Also that night is a huge show at the Grey Eagle on the 30th. Weirdo French-pop phenom M83 is in town to support his vaguely vaporwave album Junk. He made the soundtracks for a Tom Cruise movie and slayed the festival circuit, so expect it to be a time.

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