Trailer Park: April 2016

Sunday 03rd, April 2016 / 11:40
By Paris Spence-Lang


Vancouver South African Film Festival

The first significant South African film festival to run outside the country, this is an unparallelled chance to explore a culture we rarely encounter (Die Antwoord and District 9 aside). With nine amazing films in both English and Afrikaans, all topics South Africa are covered in highly human form, from illegal relationships during the apartheid to a rugby player’s battle with motor neuron disease.

VSAFF runs at SFU Woodward’s from April 8th-10th.

Canadian Film Week

Do you like Canada? Show a little patriotism by supporting our national film industry at the VIFF Vancity Theatre. With a dozen Canadian films running all week, you can catch everything from a documentary on punk legends The Smalls to a romance about a Vancouver DJ, along with vintage films, silent films, collage films, and more.

Canadian Film Week runs at the Vancity Theatre from April 15th-21st.

Mainstream Films

I guess we were all desperately awaiting a Jungle Book remake, because it’s coming on the 15th. With a sent-from-heaven cast of Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Kingsley, Christopher Walken, and Gus from Breaking Bad, there’s a chance—a chance—it might actually be good. Speaking of animals, Keanu is out on the 29th. It’s by Key and Peele, it’s about a cat, and it looks pretty bad. And I don’t know if anyone cares but a 12-year-old me, but a Ratchet and Clank movie is also out on the 29th. Time to break out the PS2.

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