Lab Coast – Remember the Moon

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 12:01
By Robyn Welsh

labcoastWyatt Records

Lab Coast’s fourth LP Remember the Moon encompasses the band’s well established sound through the combination of stirring pop guitar melodies and at-home recording methods. The album has a patchwork quality, sewing together catchy guitar riffs, notes of chilling synth-pop, and altered percussion sounds. Many of the songs toy with the lightness of being in love and the small observations of daily life with a slight sense of innocence in the lyrics and melodies. Some of the songs on the LP were finished a few years ago, while some are brand new. Although the album content does not follow a specific arc, the songs work well as a collection and all elicit similar feelings within the listener. The album starts strong with “Hanging Flowers,” which begins with heavy, full drums and builds to reveal elements reminiscent of ‘60s pop music. The song, and much of the album, makes the listener feel like they are swimming in the music. The first single off of the album, “Bored Again,” embodies the wistful and melancholic sound that much of their music possesses. The combination of the extremely catchy guitar riff, distant sounding vocals, and lively lyrics, gives the song a light and airy feel. The quasi-title track “Remember the Moon Jr,” has repetitive, pulsing guitar notes, fast drums throughout and ghostly, echoing vocals. Remember the Moon utilizes more instruments than any of the band’s previous records. Along with effect-ridden guitar parts, swelling bass, and a mix between sampled and hybrid drum parts, the album contains the unexpected: cello, violin, pitched percussion, saxophone, banjo, and organ. Not only are these atypical instruments included, the band’s choice to record them in interesting ways makes their sound unusual but compelling. Lab Coast has created a name for themselves locally and with their reputation comes a specific sound – one that can be noticed in past albums and has been built upon in Remember the Moon.