Necronomicon – Advent of The Human God

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:58
By Dan Potter

necronomiconSeason of Mist

Slinging heaviness is what blackened death metal groups do best and this Quebec-based unit is certainly no exception. Intense guitar and drum performances that pack an old-school death metal punch act as a backdrop for the wide screen symphonic elements that immediately bring to mind the maestro Beethoven, conducting a ghoulish orchestra after consuming several energy drinks. With its fifty per cent classical symphony and fifty per cent metal band aesthetic, this release reminds listeners how classically influenced heavy metal can be.

Their corpse paint wearing image really fits the music, particularly the vocals which sound like they truly emanate from a Viking serving two tours on a conquer-and-pillage expedition. The drums crash like Nordic avalanches on tracks like “Alchemy of the Avatar.” With its blazing jugular seeking guitar riffs and crazed piano breaks over top double kick drum insanity, this last song makes for a perfect ending to a blistering listen.