Night Moves – Pennied Days

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:54
By Foster Modesette


Night Moves’ new release, titled Pennied Days, is a nine-track album with psychedelic vibes, ‘80s synth-pop effects, and a modern indie-rock sound. Just under 40 minutes in length, the album is an easy listen. The first track, “Carl Sagan,” is a hit. Hauntingly catchy, it’s simple beat is clothed in beautiful vocals and electronic guitar licks. The song “Kind Luck” sounds almost like country hard rock, while others like “Border on Border” are reminiscent of the Electric Light Orchestra and Bowie. The final track, “Only to Live in Your Memories,” is a momentous finale to the album: crashing and falling like an electronic orchestra, leaving you satisfied and full. Overall the album feels good, calming at times, but uplifting and engaging at others. The middle of the album does seem to blend together but there is still enough uniqueness in songs to make this album stand out. Powerful guitar with space age effects, wavy background noise and soothing vocals make Pennied Days a worthwhile listen.