Operators – Blue Wave

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:47
By Michael Grondin

operatorsLast Gang Records

Pomegranate and cellophane, a perfect visual pairing to suit the lush, analog charm of Montréal-based Operators and their new debut album Blue Wave.

Operators formed in 2013, releasing EP1 a year later to showcase a quick taste of the project’s sound and vision. Composed of Canadian indie veteran Dan Boeckner (of the acclaimed and recently reunited Wolf Parade), as well as American indie-rocker Sam Brown on drums and the diversely talented Devojka, Operators create punchy, textured jams.

With an immense focus on synthesizers and a plethora of other synthetic elements blending with the driving indie-rock themes, Blue Wave manages to capture natural uplifting emotions, while instantly summoning a desire to dance along.

Produced by Graham Walsh of Toronto-based Holy Fuck, Blue Wave’s 10 songs go over smoothly, layering bouncy analog arpeggios, swooning pads with saxophone and driving drums, creating a fertile visual environment navigated by Boeckner’s heartfelt words.

And the tracks on this album aren’t short, which is what you’d expect from minimal, synthy pop songs. However, Operators use a pointed, well-thought out strategy to make each second, and each direction count: placing everything meticulously, with a result of masterfully produced and all-the-while catchy dance tracks.