Poor Nameless Boy – Bravery

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:31
By Liam Prost

poornamelessboyChronograph Records

Despite what most people will tell you, there is a lot you can tell about a record by its cover. Poor Nameless Boy does himself an incredible disservice by including his baseball capped self on the cover, looking disinterestedly off into the distance in greyscale, the boring title of Bravery slapped on with digitally eroded letters. The problem inherent isn’t that Poor Nameless Boy’s music doesn’t match the sad-boy bro-country aesthetic the cover connotes, the slow-burn country tracks inside fit that description eerily well, but rather that the actual product is so finely polished and pretty that Poor Nameless Boy might as well be wearing a suit on the cover. The title track and opener introduces a strong, earthy guitar tone that permeates the entire record satisfyingly. The instrumentation introduces itself slowly without drawing attention to itself with massive bass drones and brushed drums laying the groundwork for a distant violin to play around in. The record opens with a one-two punch of the charming “Bravery” and hooky “Atlantic Ocean,” demonstrating its tonal range very quickly. It runs out of steam soon after however, when the electric guitar of “River & Trees” is unplugged, the rest if the record is mostly drab slow songs, with an especially uninspiring cheesey piano closer. Regardless, nuanced production and a strong first half make Bravery a commendable exercise in bro country.



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