SUUNS – Hold/Still

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:20
By Hannah Many Guns

SUUNSSecret City Records

Mental breaks, realizations, anxiety attacks, and sedation: these are the kind of cognitive atmospheres that inhabit SUUNS’ new album Hold/Still. Opening track “Fall” begins with loud gnarls of guitars at unease, and from here the remaining ten arrangements juxtapose one another by zig-zagging from heavy bevies of bass to beating bits of synth to shrill squeals of strings to swells of swirling sound. It’s all over the place, yet it is extremely concentrated. In its entirety, listening to the album makes you feel as if you’re in the inside of a mind that is going every which way, ultimately finding itself lost within its own confliction. But that’s exactly how the mind can be, and this is what makes Hold/Still a complete fixation, the fact that it identifies and hones in on the nature of such conflictions in order to make it an audible speculation. This is an album that makes you really think, and even after you’ve taken your headphones off, you might just notice that the sounds of SUUNS has tilted your perspective in one way or another.