Tancred – Out of the Garden

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 10:17
By Liam Prost

tancredPolyvinyl Record Co.

Listeners have grown accustomed to Jess Abbott’s shiny and rhythmic guitar leads on the more driving moments from Minneapolis’ Now, Now. Hiding behind a thinline telecaster and a pair of clubmaster glasses, Abbott helped elevate the indie outfit beyond their emo haircuts and sentimental lyrics. Her debut as Tancred however, thrust Abbott into the front, bare-faced on the self-titled release, delivering stark folk-rock songs almost totally devoid of the intricate guitar-work so emblematic of Now, Now’s most recent release Threads (2012). Out of the Garden continues this trend, ignoring opportunities for clean hooks and instead, turning up the fuzz wherever possible. The songs are concise and the sentiments are tight, resulting in a release that’s stronger and more confident, edging into punk in moments, softened at the corners by Abbott’s warm vocal delivery. This contrast pays off during the moments where Abbott juxtaposes the emotional vulnerability of her lyrics with the confidence inherent to her garage rock apparatus, most notably on tracks like “Pens,” which follows the ironic lyric ‘it’s crazy how stable I am’ with a series of saccharine ‘oohs.’ Out of the Garden turns it up for Tancred, but loses none of the definition. A fast, hooky record with little room for criticism.



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