The Mountain Man – Bloodlust

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 11:16
By Dan Potter


Throbbing bass guitar and Sasquatch screams rip through the speakers during “Backhand of God,” the opening track on Bloodlust, giving a great representation of what’s to come on this five track EP where a continuous supply of Hatebreed and Pantera inspired brutality is served up raw and in unforgiving form. The dense pummeling proves to be super addictive, even as the chainsaw guitar riffs tear to pieces any hope of a discernible melody, ensuring things gets nastier and nastier with every minute.

The Mountain Man are clearly into pure chest-out aggression as the song “Bloodlust” further demonstrates the band’s adherence to sonic gore with its Cannibal Corpse fed through a wood chipper aesthetic. This Vancouver band definitely lives up to its name, just like a crazy bushman who makes the deep dark woods his home. They can both get the job done whether it’s skinning squirrels for meat or blasting out some savage heavy metal.