Video premiere: BESTiE – ‘Bae’

Tuesday 05th, April 2016 / 12:12
By Team BeatRoute

VANCOUVER — It’s been a while since we’ve heard from BESTiE, Vancouver’s purveyors of tropical indie pop. The band’s feel-good vibes were overflowing with last summer’s single “Bubble Bath,” but it wasn’t until they signed on for the Converse Rubber Tracks recording session that their latest song “Bae” saw the light.

Internet-speak for anyone too lazy to say babe or baby, the track and its accompanying music video is anything but lazy. An ambitious production of a single, the video is directed and edited by lead singer Tristan Orchard and produced/shot by Joe Klymkiw.

“Bae” is about the uncertain start of a summer fling. You still don’t know the person but they’re stuck in your head like a catchy song you’re immediately drawn to before knowing what the words and meanings are. The story follows a diver who enters the water, turning into a music box.


Photo: Shayd Johnson

“I wanted the story for the video to tie together a bunch of very different images the song made me feel with synchronized swimmers, roller derby skaters, a loving older couple and more,” Orchard says. “Unconscious underwater, the music box is really a metaphor for the way life plays out and flashes before you before death. The images are the surreal moments and memories playing back.”

A slight departure from the more feel-good songs that the band emerged with on their debut LP, No Bad Days, the darker pop elements to the track create a sense of heavy realness and the accompanying imagery acts as a reminder to the viewer of their inevitably finite existence.


Photo: Shayd Johnson

“I think we’re always very inspired by summer in Vancouver and that relief from the darker rainy season,” Orchard says. “I’m not sure if that played into it but you can’t have the light without the darkness ya know?”

And while BESTiE matures, keeping a low profile with no live performances scheduled in the foreseeable future, the band promises another single and an EP release on May 13th so keep an ear out for that. Until then, grab your girl, tell her you love her and enjoy the sweet sounds of “Bae.”

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