Light up your love life at TELUS Spark’s Adults Only Night

Thursday 07th, April 2016 / 11:32
By Kyle Lovstrom

AONCALGARY — Humanity faces a horrifying range of existential hazards these days. How would you fare if the unthinkable happened?

Between the bombs, the radiation, drone blitzes, climate change, Donald Trump, ISIS, and dinosaur cloning, we seem to be hell-bent on inventing our own demise. Seeing as how a post-apocalyptic wasteland seems to be the only future we are capable of orchestrating, better have a bead on how to acclimatize when the soup burns with the scorch of a thousand suns.

As with every second Thursday of the month, the Telus Spark Science Centre hosted its hotly anticipated Adults Only Night (AON), an evening of exhibits open exclusively to grown folk. This month’s theme was Urban Survival. Could you start a fire without first pocketing a friend’s lighter? How long would you last if the supermarket shelves were devoid of stock? Around 2,500 people paid the $20 to pit themselves up against a variety of survival challenges and to visit the hundreds of exhibits Telus Spark offers.

Left Overs Calgary, a non-profit, volunteer group specializing in food waste reduction within the service industry, was on-site giving attendees a few ideas on how to keep your belly full in this hypothetical land beyond time. Left Overs Calgary provides food for such charitable organizations as the Drop-In Centre, the Food Bank, Alpha House Society and the Boys and Girls Club.

“France, U.K, and Denmark have championed the eliminating food waste movement,” says Left Overs founder Lourdes Juan. “Grocery stores in France are zero waste. They’ve worked on it from a policy level, which is what I’d like to see in Calgary. We don’t want to be just a Band-Aid solution.”

Alternate Root was there as well, teaching methods of maximizing the nourishment from foods that aren’t exactly fresh. Apparently, old pumpkins can be used to beautify your face, and not just by sticking an old jack-o-lantern over your head either.

“Tonight we’re putting on a workshop on how to prevent waste on a household level,” says Alternate Root volunteer, Deborah Wong. “Right now we’re doing facials using cucumbers and pumpkins. Why spend $100 on something you can get for $3?”

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) brought supplies and ran relay races, while a faction of the U of C dedicated to understanding the mechanics of human relationships known as, The Love Lab, was there theorizing on the namesake subject. Would love and repopulating the planet be a walk in a nuclear winter wonderland?

“We always try to incorporate innovative third party organizations into Adults Only Night,” says AON marketing and communications coordinator Erin Christensen. “They’re absolutely fantastic. Third party collaborators really help make the different themes cool and exciting. They play a huge part getting the crowd to come out.”

AON starts at 6 p.m. They’ve got beer. AON is wildly popular, easily one of the most enjoyable evenings all month.

“I’m excited for Stampede Scientist. Future Humans will be the last AON to take a look at the Body Worlds Exhibit.” says Christensen. “We’ve got Blood coming in Oct. which ties in nicely with Halloween.”

AON takes place every second Thursday at Telus Spark, the Calgary Science Centre. Buy tickets online. Visit for details.

CORRECTION: This article incorrectly referred to Erin Christensen as AON’s event planner. She is in fact the marketing and communications coordinator. As well, May’s Future Humans event is not sold out as previously stated. We apologize for the error.

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