N8NE’s vintage-inspired tees are made with humour and authenticity

Thursday 07th, April 2016 / 11:38
By Prachi Kamble
Vancouver T-shirt designer brings the style and the laughs.

Vancouver T-shirt designer Freeky P brings the style and the laughs.

VANCOUVER — N8NE’s first piece, a Jacobim Mugatu sweater, appeared on a friend’s Instagram and immediately blew up. It sold out within days and remains sold out today. N8NE’s owner, a Vancouver DJ who goes by the name of Freeky P, was then forced to add to this random burst of inspiration. What followed is a line of urban clothing that’s taking the city underground by stylish storm.

N8NE (pronounced “no one”) specializes in vintage-inspired, pop culture-themed “band” tees. “They are hella campy,” says Freeky P. “I like putting irony into them. They’re trying to get a laugh.”

Freeky P designs the shirts himself and is enjoying the line’s clandestine reputation. “I’m a one man show,” he explains. “I like being underground and being discovered bit by bit. I get new people finding out about the brand online everyday.” The graphics on his latest series of tees resemble those you might have found at concerts in the 1990s — harsh colours, bold contrasts, and cheesy fonts — and seek to evoke the simplicity of the era.

Humour plays a big part in the designs, as well. Take, for example, the Justin Bieber “I’m Sorry” tee that shows a smiling Bieber, a smiling Selena Gomez, Bieber’s ostentatious sports car, him being restrained from the paps, and that infamous holiday nude. The Drake tee has 1-800 Hotline Bling layered over both an image of Drizzy on his cellphone and a prayer emoji, which is now a tattoo on the rapper’s neck for real. There is a Kanye West Wing tee and a hologram 2Pac one, too. You get the gist.

Hotline bling product shotDue to N8NE’s success, Freeky P has bagged projects with local fashion brands like DIPT and F As In Frank. “I’ve had a lot of people hit me up with design work and not just for this clothing line,” he says. The garments have also caught the attention of a team of designers across the border in Los Angeles, Soulection, for whom Freeky P is in the process of some major collaborating.

With street and sportswear becoming mainstream in recent fashion again, alongside the resurgence of 1990s music and TV shows, the N8NE line has come in a timely fashion. Through his t-shirts, Freeky P aims to bring back the authenticity that existed before we surrendered to the detaching whirlwind of technology. He revealed that he even made his first round of sales quite literally “out of the trunk of his car.” It doesn’t get more personable than that.

N8NE T-shirts can be purchased online at www.n8nelovesyou.com

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