Mammoth Grove are one with the wilderness

Wednesday 13th, April 2016 / 17:03
By Taylor Cochrane
MammothGrove_ByKeith Skrastins

Photo: Keith Skrastins

VANCOUVER — Free your mind and take a trip into the fuzzed out psychedelic world of Mammoth Grove. Hailing from the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, the trio creates classic psychedelia that doesn’t rely on cheap tricks or effects to establish a tripped-out soundscape. Instead they showcase organic grooves and melodies reminiscent of the homegrown metal of the ’70s and ’80s, oozing with fat, chunky riffs that can melt your brains. Like a rough-and-tumble road warrior with a heart of gold, Mammoth Grove’s swanky grooves hold you tightly in a contemplative embrace right until the moment they leave you, alone in the dusk, begging for a deeper look into their mysterious earthly realm. BeatRoute caught up with Tad Hynes (the bands low-end groove box) about their upcoming tour out west.

“We like to take time to go out on an adventure. Take advantage of the parks. It sucks just getting in a van, playing shows and heading back home. We want to make a trip out of it, have fun, and maybe go camping. Last time we were in Vancouver we got totally lost in Stanley Park and it was great. It felt like we were all 16 again,” he remarks with a laugh. “Another big part of our trip is that we are heading up to Whistler to check out Red Fang and Black Wizard.”

The band’s Vancouver stop at Funky’s will be rounded out by local favourites 88 Mile Trip and Wiser Fool, a promising reintroduction to the Vancouver scene for the stoner-rock outfit, in support of their latest album Suncatcher. Hynes recounted a memory from their tour out west last year.

“On our way back our van actually broke down in Hope and we ended up staying the night at a local auto body shop,” he laughs. “They were really chill people and it ended up being a sweet experience.”

Whatever the West Coast has in store for Mammoth Grove this time around, it seems it will be met with a wondrous love for adventure. Whether grooving out on stage or pushing their way through the robust coastal wilderness, April promises to be a month of boundless exploration. 

Mammoth Grove play at Funky Winker Beans on April 16.

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