Hopsin, Snak the Ripper, Alpha Omega at Vogue Theatre

Monday 18th, April 2016 / 12:49
By Tea Boyarchuk
Hopsin at Vogue Theatre. Photo: Jonathan Glendon

Hopsin at Vogue Theatre.
Photo: Jonathan Glendon

April 14, 2016

VANCOUVER — Following Hopsin’s break from his own curated record label Funk Volume and rift with co-founder Damien Ritter, the Hop Solo tour had its first Canadian show at the Vogue in Vancouver. From the depths of Los Angeles, Hopsin is well known for his complex shows and detailed set lists.

Snak The Ripper and Alpha Omega opened up the show for him with tight verses, but both lacked eye-grabbing attention (despite massive amounts of crowd acknowledgement) as those standing milled around aimlessly and those sitting chose to hit up their Instagram accounts. In a rare case, two men in front of me opted to watch a raw porno clip while clacking their Pilsner cans together.

After 20 minutes of offbeat cheering for the man himself, Hopsin came on without much fuss; emerging from blue fog and launching right into his set. The crowd moved with his hard-hitting vocals and entertaining theatrics as he rocked from one side of the stage to another. Taking more from his 2015 album Pound Syndrome, this seemed more like a homage to the glory days of his time with Funk Volume because, let’s be real; “Ramona” really wasn’t the same without labelmate Jarren Benton’s contributions.

It’s safe to say that no matter the circumstances, Hopsin never fails to put on a fantastic and entertaining show. We can definitely expect great things from Hop as he continues on solo.

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