Brooke Woods, Ella Coyes, Ego the Jackal at The Almanac

Tuesday 19th, April 2016 / 12:02
By Haley Pukanski
Brooke Woods Live review by Haley Pukanski

Brooke Woods during her EP release show at The Almanac.
Photo: Haley Pukanski

April 16, 2016

EDMONTON — Brooke Woods has once again charmed her way into our hearts and brought together a community during her latest show for the release of her new EP, Heart In Many Places. Woods, a familiar face in the Edmonton folk music scene, celebrated her album at the Almanac on April 16th. “Heart in Many Places is a collection of four songs I wrote that introspectively explore my growth and learning over the past few years,” Brooke comments. Her live performance was very reflective of this theme. Between her witty, candid banter and relatable song lyrics, the show was reminiscent of a giant campfire, where all of your friends are invited.

The opening acts Ella Coyes and Ego the Jackal warmed the crowd up by serenading acoustic love songs, folk songs, and covers.  While Ella sang her version of “I’m on Fire,” Ego the Jackal covered “Dancing in the Dark.” As expected, the crowd went wild and joined for the singing of the famous Springsteen tunes and were a collection of harmonies perfectly suited for the folk show. Ella and Ego both opened with an acoustic set and sung with a voice with soul like no other.

The crowd, well practiced to sing-alongs, once again sang along when Brooke closed the night off with her set. Originals and covers, and song-like banter, Woods put her charisma into her songs, confidently leading her band and the crowd into a choir. Just like her set list, Brooke’s set was equally as diverse. Starting with nothing but an acoustic guitar and her voice, she slowly introduced us to her band, bringing a jazzy side to her folk tunes. The band, largely represented by Grant MacEwan graduates highlighted a funky, dancey side to her tunes.

After the set, an encore was demanded. Brooke and her band delivered a well played cover of “I Can’t Figure Out What’s Going On” by Half Moon Run, a crowd favourite. The Almanac held the energetic vibes together, and housed a community of fans, family and musicians.

Brooke’s first EP, produced and mastered by Stew Kirkwood at Sound Extractor, has successfully become a catchy, and accessible album. Woods and her band have mixed two worlds to create pop songs sure to get stuck in your head and have you singing.

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