MANcub, Triton, Nosis, Lustre Creame at Dickens

Monday 02nd, May 2016 / 20:21
By Christine Leonard
Triton at Dickens. Photo: Mario Montes

Triton at Dickens.
Photo: Mario Montes

April 16, 2016

CALGARY — It was a relatively quiet night in Dodge City, that is until a quartet of Calgary-based thunderbeasts Nosis, Triton, Lustre Creame and MANcub took to the stage at Dickens. Kicking things off with an alt-metal bang, brutal rock three-piece Nosis unleashed their brand of heavy swing equipped with vocal harmonies that are as inexplicably appealing as a whiff of gasoline at the pumps. Next, an intriguing conceptual mash-up of jazz, funk, blues, and metal, the Skin Barn glow of Lustre Creame filled the showroom like a vinyl-hoarder’s delight.

Third, the straight-ahead, no nonsense approach of metal purists Triton rolled out in a demon-throated gale wreaking of dark glory and sulfurous skunk-weed. From pummeling riffs to strafing vocals, the uncluttered fire-and-brimstone assault was a pleasure to behold.

Finally, MANcub mounted the dais around 1 a.m.; keen-eyed, full-bearded, mercurial and ready to rumble. Ripping into the haunting hollows of their cuntray-tinged album, Hangman, the prairie-dwelling headliners’ displayed their mastery of definitive hardcore anthems. Adept string-slingers, they echoed Calgary’s windswept streets and go-with-your-gut sensibilities within their ear-snagging intros, road-hardened rhythms, and golden guitar tones. Blessed with a remarkably vibrant sound set-up that night, the four horsemen; singer-guitarist Trenton Bullard, singer-guitarist Sean Doherty, drummer Kevin Ross and bassist Dean Kneeshaw, forged ahead with newly-smithed material that portends great things to come from these burgeoning and bellicose shotgun rockers.

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