New Lethbridge venue Attainable Records welcomes developing artists

Monday 02nd, May 2016 / 12:40
By Courtney Creator
Photo: Retrieved from Attainable Records Facebook page

Photo: Retrieved from Attainable Records Facebook page

LETHBRIDGE — “Art, friends and hanging out.” These are the three crucial elements of Attainable Records, Lethbridge’s most recent music and arts venue. What began as a dream to start a record label by three friends studying Digital Audio Arts at the University of Lethbridge, is now growing into a reality. Owen Campeau, Duncan Metcalfe and Connor HD, who play together in the band With Gorgon Arms, saw the opportunity to create their own musical paradise and took action.

“We wanted to do something for us, by us.” says Mechaela Marr, who joined forces with the trio in January as their art director. “We wanted to create room for people who are younger, still developing, doing this more for fun and just wanting to make art.”

“It doesn’t have to be the most refined thing, there can still be some of that jagged edge.” says HD. “It’s development, even if you don’t have the perfect outcome figured out yet, that’s what we’re here to help you with. The best way to learn is through experience.”

Photo: Retrieved from Attainable Records Facebook page

Photo: Retrieved from Attainable Records Facebook page

It’s not only the performers who are learning. “We’re trying really hard, but we’re students,” says Marr. “We don’t really know what we’re doing, so it’s been a really big learning experience for us as well, so every event we’re knowing how to run it a little bit better, and it’s getting easier.”

From art battles and pop up galleries, to Wyrd Canada’s distro tour and an underage battle of the bands, Attainable Records is a meeting place for many.

“We wanted to connect the different sectors in a very cohesive way,” says HD. “So we create really diverse programming that encompasses a lot of different practices.”

“We’re having an artist trading card before a band show, so we’re hoping that the artists might stay and see a band they haven’t heard before, and the musicians might get there early and see this cool art going on,” says Marr.

“Since our inception we’ve really been about feeding the artistic community,” says Metcalfe, “facilitating acts that might not see the exposure otherwise.”

“Whatever we can do for the betterment of arts and culture in Lethbridge is exactly what we want the end goal to be,” says Campeau.

Attainable is sure to keep on growing, and they invite you to grow with them. “It’s attainable,” says Marr. “It’s all attainable.”

To find out what’s happening at Attainable Records go to, and like them on Facebook. This month’s highlight: Electric Eye Music Festival, May 11-15.

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