SNBRN talks a new order

Tuesday 10th, May 2016 / 20:14
By Amanda Faith Taylor
SNBRN has some strong words for the current state of EDM. Photo: Courtesy of Prep School Recordings

SNBRN has some strong words for the current state of EDM.
Photo: Courtesy of Prep School Recordings

CALGARY — “It’s all the same, everyone’s playing the same song, the same song, what happened to having some taste?”

Kevin Andrew Chapman a.k.a. SNBRN talks about the way he feels about a scene he says is “predictable.”

Often, audiences find themselves listening to the same electronic tunes, the same 4/4 beats and the same auto-tuned voices, which can ultimately lead to stagnation. A lot of deep, ambient house mixes have generally the same vibe, fluctuation, and energy as the next tune and it’s difficult for DJs to break free from the humdrum nature of the humming drums.

Th. The New Order Tour featuring SNBRN, Shaun Frank, Dr. Fresch, and Delaney Jane is coming to Calgary on May 14th, and SNBRN has something to say about this very thing.

For upwards of six years, SNBRN has been making beats and melodies like a mix of Ace of Base’s “All She Wants” as a form of deep, chill house or Nate Dogg’s “Gangsta Walk,” successfully channeling the SoCal aesthetic.

SNBRN has true-to-Cali sound, with a fusion of house, trap and classic bass music. Imagine sunsets and palm trees and throwbacks to rappers like Nate Dogg and Tupac. It’s been described as “Sunset house,” a term SNBRN’s manager randomly stumbled upon and coined. It insinuates a lovely saltwater smell between bass drops and steel drums and the beauty of a dipping sun as your eardrums tingle.

He says what happened sometime in 2012 or 2013 was a shift that he calls, “a turn in the wrong direction.” Without thinking twice, he explains that music seemed to shift toward a money-centric, cookie-cutter style where tracks were predictable and annoying.

Predictable tunes are something house fans are already pretty familiar with.

But what SNBRN and Dr. Fresch, who have known each other for over a decade, are saying is that the same vibe and energy they share onstage is what they want to emulate into their music to combat this stagnancy.

“I think that it’s so important to stay true to yourself, not follow the money, and do what you think is cool,” says Chapman.

When each set is so vastly different, with each DJ playing their own style and then all collaborating at the end, it really is a new form of music: A New Order.

When I spoke to Chapman, he was sitting in his car in the sunshine, windows down, enjoying the SoCal spring. Excitedly, he mentioned he’s working on some new music he’s going to reveal to Calgary audiences first, so he recommends that listeners “get ready for some surprises.”

New Order attendees are poised to experience music that strays from Top 40 convention and touches upon uncharted territory.

SNBRN will catch you with a couple rays of surprise, and next think you know, you’ll be reaching for your aloe vera.

Chapman’s views are his own. See him for yourself at Flames Central in Calgary on May 14th.

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