‘The TimeBomb Video’ rolls out in support of the Canadian skateboarding scene

Thursday 12th, May 2016 / 15:57
By Victoria Banner

*Cory in Nelson parkVANCOUVER — TimeBomb Trading Inc. is a branding company that makes skateboarding look cool. Inconspicuously located in a Burnaby industrial area, the massive head office is more of a hard-to-access museum than a bunch of cubicles. But, after nine transfers, BeatRoute managed to sit with TimeBomb’s Tyler Holm who filmed the The TimeBomb Video — an upcoming project showcasing what happens when a corporate budget falls in to the hands of the young and rad.

“We’ve been working on The TimeBomb Video now for over a year and a half. It’s a full length skate video that consists of all the TimeBomb Trading skate teams, which consists of skateboarders from across the entire country,” Holm starts enthusiastically while he’s sitting in an empty House of Cards-style boardroom and decked from head-to-toe in business-professional Cobain flannel. “It’s very rare to see a skate video with an entire country’s worth of skateboarders.” The rise of the anxious, kale-crunching, iPad child has led to a steady decline in the skateboard industry and a lot of distributors are pulling back on the skate marketing. “For TimeBomb to step up and put out a full-length video like this one, I think is a pretty big deal and hopefully will have an impact on our local skate scenes,” Holm says with confident sincerity.

If you happen to be a member of Vancouver’s skate scene and would like to feel impacted, worry not because The TimeBomb Video’s May 13 premiere at The Rio Theatre is a free event — 19+ on the floor, the balcony all ages. Drag some kids to the balcony to see if a video featuring tons of skateboarders to look up to will shake them out of their Angry Birds-stupor. Afterwards, you can leave your kids in the car and join the TimeBomb team for an epic after party at Fortune Sound Club. The after party will feature photography portraying the creation of The TimeBomb Video and the skaters of TimeBomb’s skate team. Some of these professional skateboarders will also be DJing the event — scratching and skateboards, together at last! Plus, did you know that TimeBomb has been making skaters feel cool about smashing their faces on the pavement since 1993? That’s 23 years of awesome local skate scene building and now we all feel old. The TimeBomb Video, go check it!

The TimeBomb Video premieres at the Rio Theatre on May 13.

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