Stööki Sound’s guerilla trap takeover continues

Monday 16th, May 2016 / 09:15
By Max Foley
Whether in Sound, Vision or Play, these two creators are restless innovators. Photo: Jennica Mae

Whether in Sound, Vision or Play, these two creators are restless innovators.
Photo: Jennica Mae

CALGARY — You’d be forgiven for not knowing that Stööki Sound is more than just two DJs making beats. The grassroots trap project by Jelacee and DJ Lukey is coming up on a half-decade of rock-solid sound, built on a foundation of 808s and U.K. bass. And yet a year before Stööki Sound was born, the duo had already been hard at work building Stööki, the umbrella under which Sound and two other similar ventures exist.

While Stööki Sound is the most recognizable in the circles we travel, Stööki Vision and Stööki Play, representing ventures into fashion and art respectively, were the pillars that allowed Sound to flourish. “The music came later,” says Lukey, speaking on behalf of himself and Jelacee. “We have always been interested in combining different art forms. Working in this way allows us to remain [open-minded] and see the overall potential of the movement.”

Stööki’s multifaceted approach to art and creativity stems from their equally diverse influences. Lukey quotes the tapestry of genres that is the U.K. as his and Jelacee’s primary influence. Inklings of cinematic virtuosos like Hans Zimmer give their intros what Lukey describes as an “epic” feel. Epic not in the sense of tired-out Internet lingo, but perhaps in the sense of, say, an old growth forest, or a jumbo jet.

Lukey’s description of Stööki Sound as “minimalistic” and “unique” fits the bill; you’d be hard-pressed to find another project with a similar sound. However, parallels can be drawn between Lukey and Jelacee’s work and that of other U.K. bass artists such as Hucci and Mura Masa – two artists that Stööki have already collaborated with.

In that vein, few artists of Stööki’s class have emerged from the dungeons of U.K. bass. As such, they’re effectively leading the charge, bolstered by the bold few that continue to push this type of sound. Lukey hopes to bridge the gap between U.S. and U.K.

bass through collaborations with artists like Baauer, RL Grime, Future and Young Thug. One can only imagine the trap-flavored critical mass of sound such a gathering would precipitate.

For now, Stööki is set on blazing the same trail that has them on the fringes of the spotlight. In the words of DJ Lukey: “We have a new project that we’re working on at the moment. Jelacee started spitting lyrics on sets end of last year and we realized that we could incorporate that into our music and further develop ourselves as a unique entity in music. We have a lot of exciting things on the way!”

Stööki Sound plays the Hifi Club on May 19th.

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