Despite living in Los Angeles, comedian Jon Dore keeps it Canadian

By Victoria Banner

Jon_DoreVANCOUVER — You may or may not recognize comedian Jon Dore from the mid-2000s Jon Dore Television Show (Hint: he played Jon Dore). The show was short-lived and was a tad before its time. It was like Nathan For You before we decided we loved awkward weirdos. Jon Dore is still on the ball, currently based out of California and headlining killer stand-up shows across North America.

Despite crushing it in L.A. for the past few years, Dore’s ability to remain down to earth is second only to his legendary comedic ability. “I’m just so excited to play Vancouver, it’s been a year and a half…Vancouver is like the best city to wander around with a coffee in hand,” states Dore. As to where in Vancouver he likes to spend his time, he responds, “I’m looking forward to Dave Shumka’s BBQ. That should be a good time…put it in the paper that everyone’s invited to Dave Shumka’s backyard.” Dore radiates the typical bearded, plaid-clad, Canadian drinking buddy persona with every response.

Also in humble Canadian fashion, when asked about upcoming projects, shows, or sketches he is working on, Dore always replies with “we” rather than “I,” referring to his friends and fellow writers/comics Adam Brody and Dave Derewlany, who helped him with his original show. “We’re currently putting most of our time into coming up with new ideas for shows, but I’ve also been writing for Jash.” Jash is a comedy network made by Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera similar to Funny or Die. This work ethic comes from the excitement of making a fresh start when moving to Hollywood as an unknown but with an impressive Canadian career.

“It really is like starting over but you’re more prepared, you’re not intimidated by the idea of performance but you have to pound the pavement and spread the word that you’re capable so that people slowly over time want you to be a part of their show.”

Known for high concept practical jokes both on and off stage, Dore elaborated on why he seems to be one of the few comedians who is willing to go ten extra miles for a laugh. “The reactions are nice and strong, life is good and comedy is fun.”

Expressing fondness for some favourite clubs and club owners in Calgary and Winnipeg yields some hints as to where this positive attitude got its roots. “Being a Canadian comedian driving insane distances all over the country you are treated to some of the shittiest conditions on Earth and you’re just so thankful when you meet someone who treats you like a human being, you want to give back when they give back.”

And while we won’t hear a Jon Dore podcast anytime in the near future (“Everyone is doing a podcast…”) he did make sure to tease a promising comedic project coming up in Canada we’ll hear about soon enough. He also wanted to reiterate, in humble Canadian fashion to make sure people come to his show: “Tell them to come to my show.” And you probably should, because despite the TV industry’s golden touch, Jon Dore remains a genuine, Canadian headliner.

Jon Dore performs at Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club May 27 and 28.

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